ISBN: 9786555501346

Páginas: 197

DOI: DOI 10.5151/9786555501346

Perspectives to CO2 Geological Storage and Greenhouse Gas Negative Emissions in South-Southeastern Brazil: Paraná and Santos Sedimentary Basins

Raíssa Moreira Lima Mendes Musarra, Colombo Celso Gaeta Tassinari, Stephanie San Martín Cañas

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This book presents the latest studies of the CNPq Research Group (Estudos para Armazenamento Geológico de Carbono – CCS) of the Institute of Energy and Environment/Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Innovation, at the University of Sao Paulo. The studies are related to the technical and regulatory issues for implementing Carbon, Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies, especially CO2 geological storage in the Paraná and Santos Basins. The parent project, entitled “Carbon Geological Storage in Brazil: “Perspectives for CCS in unconventional petroleum reservoirs of onshore Paraná sedimentary basin and turbidites from offshore sedimentary basins in southeast Brazil”, was funded by SHELL and FAPESP.  The book intends to provide an overview of the potential for secured long-term CO2 storage in the Paraná and Santos basins with high prospects for CCS. The central academic findings refer to CO2 reservoir properties and main criteria for site selection to improve the Brazilian CCUS development’s decision making process and contribute to the R&D plan for greenhouse gas emissions mitigation of the Southeastern Region, with geological evaluations and regulatory analyses. The book aims to improve the decision-making process in greenhouse gases mitigation and energy/environmental governance; therefore, it captures the specialized and non-specialized audience.