ISBN: 9788580392500

Páginas: 80

DOI: DOI 10.5151/9788580392500


Ronaldo Baltar, Elaine Mateus

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Humanities: under different perspectives is a book aimed at expanding our understanding of human experiences through an interdisciplinary approach. The contributions are results of the 11th edition of the Research Seminar on Human Sciences, held at the State University of Londrina, in Brazil and in 2016, in which a wide range of fields – including sociology, history, philosophy, education, languages and critical literacy – were gathered together to develop a full comprehension of fundamental issues confronting contemporary societies. The central topics discussed in the selected papers converge to the significance of addressing historical, cultural and social aspects of human life as means to enable the field to develop professional knowledge and practical understanding of such subjects. First and foremost, the papers provide an importante forum for examining the impact humanities can have on teaching and on teacher education. We hope that the reflections presented in this book will enhance dialogue between scientists all over the world and strengthen international cooperation amongst researchers.