ISBN: 9788580393712

Páginas: 402

DOI: DOI 10.5151/9788580393712

Selected Readings of the 8th Information Design International Conference - Information Design: Memories

Luciane Maria Fadel, José Guilherme Santa Rosa and, Cristina Portugal

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This book starts with Spinillos’s provocation: to compare medicines and industrialized food/beverage products. This provocation is based on the fact that poor legibility andreadability of informative texts, the use of technical jargons and small typographic font size are problems common to medicines inserts, nutrition facts, and lists of ingredients offood/beverage products. Spinillo argues that critical information about food composition should be presented as clearly as possible to consumers. This information is designed to support a narrative. The importance of narratives in design has been central to many studies (Bizzocchi, 2014; Forlizzi and Ford; Grimaldi, Fokkinga, and Ocnarescu, 2013). Although its importance is well accepted, a more precise concept and typology of narratives in design are still being constructed. Another design artifact that is based on narratives is the infographic that uses pictures and text to express temporality creatively. Vieira, Cunha, and Rolim explored the relationship between narratives and infographics to bring a broad view of what are the main issues being discussed in Brazil.