The Demographic Composition of Urban Sprawl: Local and Regional Challenges Concerning Global Environmental Change In A Brazilian Metropolitan Area

OJIMA, Ricardo; HOGAN, Daniel Joseph;


Changes in the environment, especially in view of estimated climate change are forcing contemporary society to face new challenges. On the one hand, there are attempts by the natural sciences to understand more clearly the causes and future scenarios associated with these changes. On the other hand, in the human sciences, there is a demand for models to orient the study of the relationships between environment and society on a global scale. In this regard, urbanization may well be one of the most obvious points of tension, as it is one of the most radical human interventions in the geographical landscape. But, even more importantly, the urbanization process condenses the principal contradictions of modern society into a set of values that increasingly go beyond political borders and standard dichotomies (rural/urban or natural/social, for example). But how can today’s urban environmental questions be conceived, both those that are restricted to local contexts, and those considered potential risks to the global environment? What new dimensions and new dilemmas are emerging as specific challenges for the human sciences in the current discussion on social vulnerability and the tensions between climate change and social evolution?



DOI: 10.5151/9788580391381-14

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OJIMA, Ricardo; HOGAN, Daniel Joseph; "The Demographic Composition of Urban Sprawl: Local and Regional Challenges Concerning Global Environmental Change In A Brazilian Metropolitan Area", p. 179 -194. In: OJIMA, Ricardo; MARANDOLA JR., Eduardo. Dispersão Urbana e Mobilidade Populacional. São Paulo: Blucher, 2016.
ISBN: 978-85-8039-138-1, DOI 10.5151/9788580391381-14