Cortez, Luís Augusto Barbosa; Nigro, Francisco Emílio Baccaro; Nassar, André M.; Cantarella, Heitor; Nogueira, Luiz Augusto Horta; Moraes, Márcia Azanha Ferraz Dias de; Leal, Rodrigo Lima Verde; Franco, Telma Teixeira; Schuchardt, Ulf;


The Sustainable Aviation Biofuels for Brazil Project proposed and implemented an enriching experience involving important stakeholders from different sectors of Brazilian society: government sector, agriculture, aviation industry, regulatory agencies, NGOs, universities and research institutions. The Project proved to be an endogenous creative output, a Brazilian contribution to a sustainable aviation industry.The following conclusions and correspondent actions were drawn from the several activities of the Sustainable Aviation Biofuels for Brazil Project.



DOI: 10.5151/BlucherOA-Roadmap-014

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CORTEZ, Luís Augusto Barbosa; NIGRO, Francisco Emílio Baccaro; NASSAR, André M.; CANTARELLA, Heitor; NOGUEIRA, Luiz Augusto Horta; MORAES, Márcia Azanha Ferraz Dias de; LEAL, Rodrigo Lima Verde; FRANCO, Telma Teixeira; SCHUCHARDT, Ulf; "CONCLUSIONS", p. 219 -226. In: Roadmap for sustainable aviation biofuels for Brazil — A Flightpath to Aviation Biofuels in Brazil. São Paulo: Blucher, .
ISBN: 978-85-212-0876-1, DOI 10.5151/BlucherOA-Roadmap-014